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Essential Preparation


Contributors are not aware that they may need to prepare in order to make a contribution


A contributor is about to make their first submission and needs to know what information is required and what they should prepare in advance.


Make clear what is required to accept a contribution, for example:

  • Registering with the project
  • Installing specific software on machine or smartphone
  • Requiring specific credentials (eg university identity number, specific intranet access passwords etc)
  • Possessing artifacts or evidence (eg to add an entry to Discogs, you would need all the sleeve note information from the album/CD etc)

  • The contributor might not have visited your site before, and barriers like installing software, or needing evidence can create friction and frustration. They may not complete the process and/or and may not return.
  • While your project may introduce requirements to help improve quality, the contributors may not be able/willing to prepare the required information.


Not all preparations are technical or practical, some might ask contributors to think about Minimising Harm


Discogs requires that you have the physical object in your possession

Related patterns

Respect Users Time

Contributors may have limited time to contribute and may be doing so voluntarily.

Submit Evidence

Evidence can help to build confidence in the project data

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