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Invite All Contributions


Contributors aren’t always aware of where you need help in your project.


You may be looking for contributors to do more than just contribute, edit and review data.


Be clear about the variety of ways contributors may help to make your project a success.

Some projects need help that goes beyond contributing new or updated data. Many projects need contributors to help support the work of others. For example by reviewing contributions, providing training or writing documentation.

Projects based on open source software may need help in improving it. Extendable Tooling allows developers to also contribute to a project by creating new, custom tools to support other contributors.

Projects may also need help to engage with and support a wider community, for example by hosting or running events, or participating in online discussions.

Being clear on the variety of ways in which people can support your project will help you engage with a broader community of potential contributors.

Open Plaques

Examples of contributions are given on Open Plaques’ “Contribute” page

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Suggested Edits

Records in the dataset are incomplete but could be improved through some small additions.

Organise Campaigns

Contributors’ attention needs to be focused on a milestone or a specific set of tasks.

Something missing? Suggest a change or addition