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Community Management

Insights and approaches that can help build and maintain a community of contributors

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Build a Rhythm

People in a distributed community collaborating on a common task can feel disconnected from one another.

Encourage Interest Groups

It is difficult to effectively support a broad, diverse community from the centre.

Feedback Loops

Good behaviours and useful forms of contribution need to be reinforced.

Follow Your Users

It can be difficult to decide which communication and collaboration tools are best to use on a project.

Know Your Community

A lack of understanding of your community limits your ability to support and engage with them.

Learning Curve

Contributors may not feel confident about successfully participating in your project, especially if they believe that they need some expert knowledge in order to contribute.

Onboarding Process

New project contributors may be unfamiliar with some of the language used and be unsure of how to use the tools. This can make it difficult to make good-quality contributions.

Respect Users Time

Contributors may have limited time to contribute and may be doing so voluntarily.

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