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Localised Block


A contributor is not adhering to the project’s Published Policies, but this is only happening when contributing to a certain topic.


Some databases contain contentious topics that are prone to repeated contradictory edits (an ‘edit war’), or contain localised topics of interest that lend themselves to focused attention. The contributor in question will have ignored Warning Messages to stop disruptive or improper activities.


Permanently or temporarily ban a contributor from a certain topic.

You can ban a contributor from a certain topic and its related children topics. The ban can be permanent or temporary. If it is temporary, there needs to be a way to reverse it.

A related sanction might be to reverse a contributors previous contributions to the topic.

Banning contributors is not trivial, it should be done in accordance with the Published Policies. Whatever the decision, it is vital to notify the contributor to inform them of the actions you are taking


Public list of topic ban discussions and decisions

Related patterns

Published Policies

Collaboration across distributed groups requires clarity around rules, policies and procedures.

Escalating Blocking

Some contributors are not following the projects rules and policies and there is a risk they could disrupt elements of the project. You are unsure how to tackle the bad behaviour or how to best implement the relevant Published Policies.

Attributable Contributions

Without knowing the source of individual contributions it can be harder to monitor, converse with and recognise the work of the community

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