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Records in the dataset are incomplete but could be improved through some small additions.


The decision to Accept Incomplete Records or due to an Evolving Schema means that records in a dataset are often incomplete. Contributors may be able to quickly improve records by adding fields if their attention was directed to the task.


When a contributor is viewing a record prompt them to add or review specific fields.

Making individual fields and records Visibly Editable can encourage users to make small contributions, e.g. to fix data that has already been added to a record.

But if missing fields are not displayed to users when viewing a record, then they may not realise that data is missing or that it would be helpful to add it if they are able.

Implementing this pattern involves adding small prompts for users to improve an existing record: “This company is missing an address, can you add it?”.

Google business listings

This listing is missing a website address that the user can add immediately

Related patterns


Maintaining a mature database involves carrying smaller repetitive tasks that may be less engaging for contributors

Visibly Editable

It may not be clear to users that they can immediately fix a problem

Accept Incomplete Records

A contributor may want to add a new record but may not have access to all of the information required to create a complete record.

Evolving Schema

The schema originally designed for use in the project is no longer acceptable because the project or the community’s needs have changed.

Organise Campaigns

Contributors’ attention needs to be focused on a milestone or a specific set of tasks.

Something missing? Suggest a change or addition