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Retrospective Review


Contributions need to be encouraged and made available as soon as possible after having been submitted.


You would like to encourage contributions and it is not overly problematic if the data is incorrect for a short time before it is corrected.


Immediately accept changes into the database, after which they may be reviewed either by a project team member or the community of contributors.

In projects that do not require Mandatory Review to ensure data quality, you can instead equip your community with the tools to monitor and review recent changes themselves, for example:

  • Implement Changesets and use them to allow contributors to Revert Changes if they notice a mistake
  • Use Track Changes to help contributors to see recent changes to records or the entire database
  • Use Watch List to allow contributors to monitor areas of interest
  • The latest version of a record should be Visibly Editable so that if a mistake is found, someone can either Revert Changes introduced in a particular changeset or make subsequent changes of their own

Related patterns

Mandatory Review

All entries need to be correct and adhere to policy.

Visibly Editable

It may not be clear to users that they can immediately fix a problem


There is a need to ensure that contributions are of good quality.

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