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Flag For Review


Some records need closer attention to help check for potential quality issues.


Your project may have a large number of contributions, but limited capacity to review them all. Your project does not require Mandatory Review, but you need a way of bringing potential problems to a reviewer’s or the community’s attention.


Allow Changesets and records to be flagged as needing attention to encourage Retrospective Review by the community.

Provide a means for users to quickly identify those changesets or records that have been flagged, e.g. by providing a list or by clearly displaying a status indicator against a record.

When a project is using Retrospective Review it can be useful to guide a community towards the entries and records that need most attention.

Most entries might be fairly routine and may not need reviewing. But some entries may need to be prioritised as needing closer attention. By flagging those that need work you can help to Respect Users Time.

Records might be flagged for review by Submitting an Error Report, when contributors Request Reviews or as part of an automated process that checks incoming changes for potential quality issues.

eBird filter system

Filter system to set thresholds which will flag certain contributions for review

eBird moderator’s view

Moderators view for contributions that have been flagged for review

Related patterns


There is a need to ensure that contributions are of good quality.

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