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Request Review


Contributors do not feel confident about submitting changes.


Your project does not require Mandatory Review, but contributors might welcome the option to have their contributions seen by a more experienced participant.


Allow a contributor to decide whether to Flag For Review their contribution to request that it is reviewed by another contributor.

Not all projects require Mandatory Review, but carrying out reviews of contributions can increase confidence of contributors. Contributors do not want to unintentionally introduce errors, so they may not submit a contribution if they do not have confidence in it.

Allowing a contributor to request that another contributor reviews their change provides an opportunity to introduce Feedback Loops into the workflow for maintaining your data.

A Changeset that has been flagged for reviewing might be immediately applied to the database, so the review is done retrospectively. Or it might go into a queue for reviewing before being applied.


At the point the contributor uploads their changes they can request a review. The request will be added as a tag on the Changeset.

Related patterns


There is a need to ensure that contributions are of good quality.

Flag For Review

Some records need closer attention to help check for potential quality issues.

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