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Project Governance

Transparency, clear policies and licences can help to build trust. What approaches to governance can support collaborative maintenance?

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Automatically Acquire Privileges

In a large community it can be time-consuming to individually assess contributors in order to grant them specific privileges or roles.

Clear Licensing

Both contributors and reusers need to understand what rights they have to use the combined dataset

Clearly Defined Roles

In collaborative, community-driven projects there can be a lack of clarity around who is responsible for making decisions.

Contributor Licence

The rights to use and share data contributed to your project needs to be understood by everyone.

Grant Privileges

Specific features of a project need to be restricted to certain users

Minimise Harm

Collecting data without thinking about the potential impact of its use may cause harm.

Published Policies

Collaboration across distributed groups requires clarity around rules, policies and procedures.

Transparent Stewardship

People need to be confident in your project’s sustainability in order for them to contribute over the long term.

Visible Processes

Trust needs to be built within the community.

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