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Locked Record


Some records should not be edited anymore.


Records have been the subject of disputed edits, or administrators have decided that their content is now final.


Temporarily, or permanently, prevent further updates to a specific record.

In some projects it will be possible to ‘complete’ a record, and once it has been verified and confirmed as the final version, no further changes should be allowed.

In other cases, a dispute may have been resolved according to the project’s Published Policy and the administrator may want to lock the record to prevent any further disagreement or reversing of subsequent edits.

The lock on a record may be reversible under certain conditions, in which case it should be made clear how a contributor can Suggest Edits or contact the administrator, according to the Published Policy.

The entry’s history should be shown in Tracked Changes, so that it is clear to users what has happened.


Wikipedia’s own list of protected pages

Democracy Club

Completed campaigns are locked once validated to prevent further edits introducing errors

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There is a need to ensure that contributions are of good quality.

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