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Data Model

How can you design your data model and your method for accepting and managing changes to cope with contributions from multiple people, with different skills and needs?

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Accept Incomplete Records

A contributor may want to add a new record but may not have access to all of the information required to create a complete record.


Multiple collaborators independently making entries into a database makes it difficult to understand how the dataset reached its current state.

Evolving Schema

The schema originally designed for use in the project is no longer acceptable because the project or the community’s needs have changed.

Explain Fields

New contributors do not have a comprehensive understanding of your data model and can feel overwhelmed by the new concepts and terminology.

Fixed Schema

The items in my database must all be described in the same way.

Shared Canvas

How do you empower a community to shape the types of data collected in a project so that it can adapt to a range of needs?

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