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Warning Messages


A contributor is behaving in a way that raises questions about their understanding of your Published Policies.


A contributor is not adhering to a particular policy for the first time, and is not under any other sanction such as a block or a ban. It could also be that it is only a minor issue.


Send warning messages to contributors whose behaviour is not inline with the project’s Published Policies. Contact them directly via email or another standard communication method as a private/direct message.

  • Be very transparent about your policy
  • Be very consistent in applying your policy
  • Don’t assume contributors are malicious but do try to spot and learn from obvious malicious cases
  • Offer solutions to help ensure the contributor understands the Published Policies. Explain the reason for the warning and how they can avoid future sanctions.


List of warning message templates

Related patterns

Published Policies

Collaboration across distributed groups requires clarity around rules, policies and procedures.

Escalating Blocking

Some contributors are not following the projects rules and policies and there is a risk they could disrupt elements of the project. You are unsure how to tackle the bad behaviour or how to best implement the relevant Published Policies.

Attributable Contributions

Without knowing the source of individual contributions it can be harder to monitor, converse with and recognise the work of the community

Something missing? Suggest a change or addition