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Changeset Discussion


Contributors or moderators want to discuss a specific entry before rejecting or improving it.


A change has been submitted to the project in the form of a Changeset, and someone, often a moderator or another contributor, would like to start a discussion or provide feedback.


Allow contributors and moderators to comment directly on a Changeset.

An entry that makes a change to a database will often be reviewed by moderators.

If a moderator or contributor wants to discuss something about the change, provide feedback or show appreciation, it helps to contextualise the discussion if it can be held alongside the details of the specific entry.

The discussion can be either a single comment or a back-and-forth conversation.


A single comment recorded by a moderator against a changeset to explain why it was rejected


A discussion in a Linkable Changeset

Related patterns


Multiple collaborators independently making entries into a database makes it difficult to understand how the dataset reached its current state.

Track Changes

It is difficult to understand how a record came to be in its current or previous state.


There is a need to ensure that contributions are of good quality.

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