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Maintaining Quality

Improving quality is a common concern across collaborative projects, what approaches can be used to review, moderate or provide evidence that will help improve quality?

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Cite Sources

Verifying the factual claims in a record is difficult without a cross reference to a primary source.

Field Validation

Users who are unfamiliar to a database are making data input errors.

Flag For Review

Some records need closer attention to help check for potential quality issues.

Locked Record

Some records should not be edited anymore.

Mandatory Review

All entries need to be correct and adhere to policy.

Marking as Verified

Records that have been created speculatively, or where it is not possible at the time to Submit Evidence need to be validated.


There is a need to ensure that contributions are of good quality.

Proof of Witness

Validating real-world observations is difficult without having proof

Request Review

Contributors do not feel confident about submitting changes.

Retrospective Review

Contributions need to be encouraged and made available as soon as possible after having been submitted.

Submit Error Report

It is important to flag errors whenever they are identified even if they can’t be immediately fixed

Submit Evidence

Evidence can help to build confidence in the project data

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