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Pattern Catalogue

Browse through the following categories to find repeatable solutions to commonly encountered problems

Data Model

How can you design your data model and your method for accepting and managing changes to cope with contributions from multiple people, with different skills and needs?


How will users approach editing records in your database?

Maintaining Quality

Improving quality is a common concern across collaborative projects, what approaches can be used to review, moderate or provide evidence that will help improve quality?


With a need to track and monitor changes from multiple sources, what are the common elements of successful workflows?

Managing Conflict

A collection of approaches that supports managing disputes and negative contributions to a dataset

Project Governance

Transparency, clear policies and licences can help to build trust. What approaches to governance can support collaborative maintenance?

Community Management

Insights and approaches that can help build and maintain a community of contributors

Encouraging Contributions

Design elements and approaches that encourage contributors to engage, make changes and coordinate around specific tasks

Project Types

Patterns that describe some common applications of collaborative maintenance.

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