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Marking as Verified


Records that have been created speculatively, or where it is not possible at the time to Submit Evidence need to be validated.


Data that has been imported from other sources, or where a record which has been created by one contributor can be validated by another.


Provide a means for contributors to indicate that they have checked or reviewed a record.

Verification can be useful where there is a need to cross-reference data against a primary source. For example the project might be cataloguing data about a physical asset such as a book or a business. Or a lot of data may have been imported as a Bulk Change.

Submitting Evidence is a way for contributors to indicate the provenance of data, whereas Marking as Verified can help to indicate that other contributors have checked that the sources or observations are correct.

Marking a record as verified could be considered one of the smallest useful contributions to the database. You could signpost contributors to these tasks as part of their Learning Curve.


Documentation page describing how to verify a publication and how it helps the database

Related patterns

Submit Evidence

Evidence can help to build confidence in the project data

Bulk Changes

Multiple records need to be updated to import or fix data. Doing them individually is labour intensive.

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