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Temporary Block


A contributor has contravened a policy and it is necessary to stop them from contributing for a short period of time.


A contributor has not adhered to a particular policy and ignored Warning Messages. The nature of the activity means that it requires investigation; or it is felt that the contributor would benefit from a cooling-off period.


Temporarily block the contributor’s account. Inform them that their access to the project has been temporarily revoked and outline why that decision has been made.

Temporary blocks can be used to restrict changes to certain problem areas or topics, or the project may choose to prevent all further changes to the whole database.

Depending on the Published Policies, project moderators may try to resolve the issue by communicating directly with the contributor.


A public warning message to explain reasons for a temporary block

Related patterns

Published Policies

Collaboration across distributed groups requires clarity around rules, policies and procedures.

Escalating Blocking

Some contributors are not following the projects rules and policies and there is a risk they could disrupt elements of the project. You are unsure how to tackle the bad behaviour or how to best implement the relevant Published Policies.

Attributable Contributions

Without knowing the source of individual contributions it can be harder to monitor, converse with and recognise the work of the community

Something missing? Suggest a change or addition