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Organise Campaigns


Contributors’ attention needs to be focused on a milestone or a specific set of tasks.


Focusing the attention of the project on shorter-term goals can help build engagement, recruit new users or increase participation. It can also be a useful way to focus attention on smaller goals, such as increasing coverage, fixing errors or capturing new types of data


Ensure you have a set of clearly defined, well-documented tasks for the community to achieve. Create a Progress Indicator to help you and the community to monitor progress.

Organise and promote a campaign asking the community to work together to complete these tasks.

In larger projects that involve collecting a variety of data, it can be useful to break up the overall goal of the project into smaller sub-goals which have clearly defined outcomes and tasks.

These goals might be about increasing coverage of the dataset, eg to add specific types of record, fields or information about a geographic location. They might also be required to help address quality issues (eg broken links).

Campaigns are a means of focusing community attention on smaller goals, providing a sense of progress and helping move the project forward. A Progress Indicator can be a helpful part of a campaign.

If you have an Evolving Schema, a campaign might also help encourage contributors to populate new fields. Adopting a Shared Canvas approach can encourage interest groups to agree how to catalogue and describe specific types of data.

You might also want to Gamify Contributions to further drive participation.

A campaign could be run by the project team, or by sections of the community. For example, if you Encourage Interest Groups, they could organise and run a campaign, so that they can collect and improve the data they are interested in.

Campaigns can be run online, but could be supported by events that bring the community together in a location.

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap

Mapping campaign against malaria

Democracy Club

Here campaigns are called “quests”

MissingMaps Event

Campaigns can be in person, helping to build your community

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